Friday, 7 December 2012

The Workshop Sale - Textile Report

I promised that I would come back to the Workshop Sale, but with a more textile focus.  So here you go.

First up, the lovely, lovely Linda Miller.  You may remember that she was on the last Series of Kirsty's Handmade Britain showing K how to do machine embroidery on soluble paper (Kirsty is now a woman after my own heart - I can forgive some of her horrendous property statements - when she said the machine embroidery is the crack cocaine of the craft world.  I know what she means!)

Linda had some amazing bargains on the day.

If you are anywhere near Winchester and want a bit of the action she is running a couple of workshops using the embroidery technique on water soluble fabric to make decorations.

Come back soon for the next installment.

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