19 August 2010

Well not really. This may be the first blog post but it is not really the beginning.

Stressful day spent doing operational planning with rest of the SMT and then home for an evening catching up on emails and a bit of silk painting.

Not exactly silk painting - son did that last night. This is his (and my) first foray into steam fix silk dyes and using silk cotton. So we came home via the fish and chip shop to pick up some paper to wrap the silk (it is amazng - you would imagine that no one goes into a fish and chip shop to ask for just some paper, but he did and they did not bat an eyelid!). Then I bashed a wire coat hanger with a hammer to make it straight and he wrapped the silk around the coat hanger before suspending it over a steam bath in a fish kettle.

Now if I had been an experienced blogger I would have photographed this, but I didn't so I am afraid for now you will have to imagine this.

After 45 mins gentle steaming I think we might have our first steam fixed piece of silk. Sadly, he is back to London this weekend and is taking the paints and the fish kettle with him, so if I am to do this again I will have to source my own fish kettle on ebay!

And thanks to local silk artist Yvonne Bell ( for sharing all this with Son. Will deliver jar of home made jam next week as a thankyou.

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