An alternative textile tour of London – part 3

8 July 2011

And so back to Soho for the final part of the alternative tour.

This time to a wonderful haberdashers - Kleins - a haberdashery emporium tucked just off Berwick Street at no 5 Noel Street.  Unfortunately the lorry rather spoils the view in the picture.

Unlike my previous entries on the Alternative Textile Tour I cannot find any history of Kleins. I suspect, though, like DM Buttons, they have been there a while.

The shop, which only opens during the week (don't go on a Saturday) is so well stocked that it is not really a place to go and browse.  I suggest you would need to have a fair idea of what you want before turning up. Apparently they carry a very large stock of zips and they also have bag and purse handles.

Take a look at their website to see what they have and you can order over the web too.

That is the end of my 'alternative tour' - well for now anyway.  Soho is great and always worth a visit in my view.  If you do go there, remember to stop at Berwick Street.

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