Dislocation: Beading

23 June 2014

The beading is done. Much frantic hand stitching later and the beads are all on. 

Has anyone ever added beads using the machine? Does it work? 

Now I just have to assemble the thing. It's in 4 pieces - one long hanging strip and three side panels. Getting it to hand square is going to be a challenge! 


  1. I've watched over someone's shoulder adding beads by machine, and a friend of mine said how easy she found it, but to me, it looked like I could do it by hand just as fast. I think a lot depends on the size of bead and how densely they are spaced.

    1. It is a bit of useful information. Thank you Sheila.

      I think Iz, sometimes visits this page, has done a bit of beading on machine I'll hath to direct mail her to see how she did it. I actually don't mind the hand beading I do find it quite therapeutic, but it did take quite a long time and if there was a very big project I wonder if there would be a more efficient way to do it.


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