Spring - what spring? (A bit late!)

28 May 2018

The seasons can be a bit bonkers. 

I am tippety tapping this in late May - here in Milton Keynes we are having a bit of a heat wave punctuated by dramatic thunder storms. 

But I am having a little photo sort out and edit and remembered that back in April I saved a few photos under the title " Spring - what spring?"

And back then the cold and the wet seemed interminable -  would it ever end? 

Spring flowers did their best, but dog walks seemed to be a constant battle with the mud. 

Even the monk at Bradwell Abbey was beyond saturated.  I think he was beginning to get wet rot! 

Mind you, my daffs were a joy. They flowered for weeks on end. They love it a bit chillsome. 

And my tulips were showing signs of promise and delight (Oh - I do love a tulip!) 

And as the days got longer we enjoyed some lovely dog walks.  This little corner is at a local graveyard at Bradwell Village. 

And then, down by the railway line - just look at that blossom. Hawthorn, I think.

A very short while later the tulips did their wonderful thing! Did you tell you how much I love a tulip?

That is a lavender behind. Looks a bit grey but I forgive it  because the bees just love the flowers.

Spring seemed long and wet and grey.  But now my tulips seem but a distant memory. 

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