Mono printing on tissue paper

3 June 2018

Bucks Arts Weeks, formerly Bucks Open Studios, is nearly upon us. 

So, I need to crack on in the studio. 

Time to break out the print plate ( I bit of acrylic sheet - I have no idea where I got it! I might have hoiked it out of a bin somewhere!)

But I have rigged up a drying rack in the studio - a bit of string and a few pegs.  Low tech but very effective. 

I print onto tissue paper, then then I stick the tissue onto rag paper, hand colour and stitch. 

Here, I added a bit of additional collage from my paper stash.

And stitching brings the whole thing to life.

All ready to be mounted in time for Bucks Arts Weeks!  Nothing like a deadline to focus the mind!


  1. That's very clever, the printing on tissue and mounting on rag before stitching. I would not have guessed that. Quick (relatively) and lovely result.

    1. That's the way I always use mono print. I haven't found an other paper that gives me the variation in background shadowing I like so much. One day I'll treat myself to a course on mono printing and see what techniques others use, but for now this is my 'signature' approach, if you will.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks - love the effect and I so love mono -printing. Such a forgiving technique.


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