Hampshire Open Studios 2018

14 October 2018

It is very remiss of me - I have not shared the adventure that was this year's Hampshire Open Studio. 

Let me make amends. 

To kick off let me introduce the players. 

First on stage is our host -  Rob Turner China. 

Next, let me introduce you to Jane Willingale of Loudware

And all the way from Canada, let's give a hearty welcome to Lorna Moffat-Taylor

And finally, yours truly.

We turned the kiln room into a fabulous display space. 

Every spare shelf was pressed into service.

Rob's beautiful and stunning china was displayed in the garden studio.

We added a frisson of excitement by doing some live demos.

The weather was not always with us.  (A hot dry summer, and it bloomin' rains when we plan for some demos!)

Not sure what Jane is doing above!

Some of her jewellery uses silver clay. Now, if ever there was alchemy ...

The dry clay shape does not look like much.

Some of us found the demo riveting. Some of us less so!

With silver clay you make the 'shape' and when it is dry you burn off the 'clay' with a blow torch. 

Incredible - Jane makes some lovely shapes and she gets them hallmarked at the London assay office. 

I did a demo of machine embroidery - but did not take any photos of myself.  You will have to take my word for it.

It was an excellent 10 days and thank you to all of our visitors. 

And we are doing it all again in November. Date for your diary if you are in the Gosport area. We will be back on the 24th and 25th November. 


  1. Wowza - you are getting really good at those lampshades. Really excellent variety.

    1. Why, thank you Sheila. Each one is different and a little piece of art in its own right. I love doing them and I've got more coming off the presses for Christmas sales.

    2. I agree with TIB that the lampshades are great. Hope the Christmas sales went well. Happy New Year to you.

    3. Happy New Year to you too Annabel. And thanks for your lovely comments about the lampshades. I love doing them. Sales at Christmas were mixed, but to be fair a lampshade isn’t really a Christmas present.

  2. It all looks so amazing! thanks for sharing x


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