Making background 'fabrics'

18 August 2011

I think I have mentioned before how much I enjoy working with tissue paper.  For 'In a Spanish Garden' I bonded the paper with PVA to a thin cotton.  I like the resulting texture so, having recently rescued more discarded tissue, I have decided to make a range of more background papers.  It is also a great technique if, like me, you find it hard to turn on the creative process sometimes after a full day at work .  It's simple and requires nothing more than the ingredients.

I use half and half PVA and water and literally paste the paper onto the background fabric, in this case some cheap calico from IKEA (it is not a tight weave so has a limited use on it's own).  In this case I left it overnight and then before walking the dog (and much to his disgust) I mixed up Fucshia and Midnight Blue procion dyes to use as inks and simply painted them on, letting them run into each other.

Luckily no one else needed the kitchen work surface! (And, to be clear, I use a torn plastic bag to cover the work surface as the PVA does not bond to it.)

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