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6 September 2011

Here is a simple but I think effective technique!

I like this tower by the river in Seville. ( I think it is called the Giralda Tower).  It is right on the river and was part of the old Moorish city ramparts.

I took photos when I was there last year and then using Paint.Net (which is free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows and has a simple photo manipulation programme) I changed the image to black and white (in effect turning it into a line drawing), which I then printed it up onto ordinary A4 computer paper – nothing special.  Then, just using a spray adhesive, I mounted the paper onto a scrap of pelmet vilene and simply free hand stitched over the line drawing in black, with black thread also in the bobbin.

This is the reverse side – and I love it.  It looks very relaxed but confident but is slightly misleading because I am not confident with my drawing skills though I am quite happy free hand stitching with the machine.  

This is a great way to practise ‘drawing’ with the machine (a bit like learning to write by going over printed letters with a pencil when we were at primary school!) and I know we should all be practising drawing every day - but you know what, sometimes a little cheating is fine!  

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