The Workshop Sale

7 December 2011

The Workshop Sale is an institution!

For over 20 years a group of crafts people and makers have been getting together in East Dulwich to sell their wares - samples, old stock, bits and bobs etc.  Over the years there have been some fantastic bargains.

And for the last 10 years I have been helping my friends Rob and Andy of Rob Turner China.

This year we were in a new venue - fabulous Push Studios in East Dulwich - and it really worked!  We had a very successful day on the china stall!  And other people also had a good day (including the fabulous Linda Miller, but unfortunately I did not take any photographs of her stall).

 This was Trisha Needham's space upstairs.  She does lovely printed velvet.  You might be able to make out a fabulous sample for a new print hanging in the background.

Rob chatting with a shopper (actually my friend Fee) 

Anna Lovell and Elaine Gough - beautiful silver jewelry.
Coco Barclay - lovely leather goods - my photo does not really do them justice.  Her colours are jewel like.

And Rob Turner china!

with beautiful hand painted hearts lustre bone china mugs and teapots.

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