It's Friday morning and I am awake before the alarm

2 December 2011

Now how did that happen?  Earlier this week I overslept, and I haven't done that for years and years.  Even the dog overslept!

So here I am, six in the morning with my first cup of coffee, the washing on, the dog still in bed and at my laptop.  Perhaps I woke so early because I think I may be having a mid life crisis!  I bought a lipstick yesterday evening in House of Fraser in down town MK (great for shopping if ever you find yourself on the MK grid network, and like me from time to time, unable to escape!).

So what, I hear you cry, a lipstick?  Get a grip woman!  Lipstick is allowed!  Well this isn't just any old lipstick.  It's red, and by red I mean Kirsty Allsop on the front of her craft book red!  (Have you seen that glamour photo?) Or on the front of that magazine.

Well now, I don't really look like our Kirsty.  For a start she has a few years on me (in the right direction, if you know what I mean) but the picture above gives you a hint of the transformation I hope to achieve with the red lipstick.  But, I don't have a professional make up artist to hand, nor an air brusher, nor a professional hairdresser (for goodness sake, I cannot even blow dry my hair without looking like some thing that has been dragged through a hedge!)

This weeks highlights (in no particular order - you can work out their priority!!):-

  1. Bought a new dress (hence the lipstick!)  I never buy clothes unless from the local charity shop and on occasion a quick whizz through M & S because my work skirts are falling apart, or Sainsburys because I love their long sleeve tee shirts (they look pretty fab with a belt!) 
  2. I got my registration form for the Bletchley Park quilt show in on time!  It's real now. I have a number!  This is a moment of quiet panic!  Is it good enough.  One of the phone boxes is on the squiff!  This is because the Whippet X was not being helpful and trod on the whole piece before it was stitched, and I had not noticed that it until I held the whole thing up the other day.  (If I was a proper artist, or did not need sleep! I would have made a number of pieces and then chosen the best - ah well, self doubt creeping in.)
  3. I found how to create a fabulous new Gantt Chart on line using Team Gantt.  OK I don't think many quilters use Gantt Charts, but in real life I have a heap of hairy new projects which somehow have my name on them, and I needed a tool to organise my thoughts (and keep the boss happy!  He likes a Gantt Chart!)
  4. Son No 1 has been accepted for a static at Fashion East next February for his A/W 2012 collection (what collection - he is still working on samples for S/S for ASOS!!)   This is a whoo hooo moment!  A very whoo hoo moment.  They launched all sorts of young designers - Gareth Pugh anyone?  
  5. And tomorrow is the annual Workshop Sale in East London when I don a pinny and help my good friends Rob and Andy on their fabulous china stand. 
  6. I bought some Christmas cards!
  7. I have been loving the fablulous work over at Six and Friends and Flextiles.
Ok so now it is time for me to get up!  Off to shower and walk the Whippet X who still cannot be bothered to poke his nose out from under the blanket.

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  1. Hilary (or should that be Kirsty) - thanks for the mention! Self-doubt affects all of us (as does lack of sleep ;-)): don't panic. Your quilt is great - wish my machine embroidery was as good as yours! And it's a really unusual idea - best of luck.

    Also congrats to Son No 1. Obviously talent runs in the family!



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