Studio envy

24 June 2012

Often, when I read other peoples blogs, I get pangs of studio envy.  Some of you artists out there have lovely spaces in which to create. 

My own studio set up is a bit haphazard.  When I am in my ‘work’ home (my home from home but actually where I spend most of my time) I do have a back room which I use to store materials etc.  It is not very conducive to actually work in, though lately I have made an effort.  

When I am in my ‘home’ home,  I have to make do with the kitchen table, when I can get access.  This is both frustrating, as others also have claim to the kitchen table, and again not conducive to work.  I like to be on my own when working. 

All of this has been exacerbated by the recent spate of open studios and art weeks where people seem to have submitted endless pictures of the most glorious working environments from garden sheds to whole rooms.

But this must be the ultimate in studio envy – a historic courtyard, or patio, in Cordoba.  Cool to work in, but open to the elements.  And surrounded by historic inspiration. 

That is a potters wheel in the background. 
The studios are on the left and open onto this balcony.

Here is the patio.  The balcony runs on two sides and I am photographing this from the potters wheel.  It was hot!! 

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