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1 July 2012

I am in a panic to get my portfolio finished for the City and Guilds course (which is why I have not written many posts lately - method statements aren't so exciting and anyway, many are based on the various blog posts from the last couple of months).

But in a last minute dash to the finishing post I have determined what the final piece will look like - and now I am trying to replicate on fabric the effect I had created on paper.

Here is the inspiration piece for my final piece - the 1m length of fabric I have to print. I did this on paper, using a paper template to create the white circle and colouring the background by literally just putting the paper onto another piece of paper with inks made from Procion Dyes.  Then I used one of the Thermofax screens to print on top.  

So the big question, how to get a similar effect on fabric.

I found the answer in B&Q!

Textured wallpapers covered in printing inks make lovely textured back grounds.

The textured wall paper inked up is on the right hand side with the  fabric sample on the left.

The textured wall paper inked up is on the bottom with the  fabric sample on the top.
This paper gives an effect similar to a bark pattern.

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