24 hours .... again!

18 June 2013

I need a time machine!

Failing that a sewing machine will just have to do (though if Pfaff or Juki could combine the two I'd be at the front of the queue for one!)

Meanwhile - the hearts picture (which does need a name!) has gone to the framers!  Hooray!  I have a good framer in Gosport (my home - not my home from home!) who is used to my pieces with things hanging over the edge!   It's in good hands.

Meanwhile - on horizons.   Yes, this quilting is OK.  Feeling chuffed.

But whoops - tension issues!  But we'll just have to live with it!

Placing the big arch and the left hand side is trimmed.

The wording is placed (trust me - that was hard! )

The end is in sight! Yay!

But I have the week from hell!  Hoping to grab minutes when I can!


  1. Happily noone will be looking at the back. We all seem to be in the race to the finish :-) Good luck with finding the time.

    1. Yes, that's what I thought. No one should be looking at the back.

  2. Exactly. No one flips the painting over! ;)

    1. Your right! People don't go round looking at the back. It's the front that counts!


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