24 Hours in the Day - Part III

10 June 2013

... is still not enough.

Bother the need for sleep and food - though I do not begrudge Whippet X his walks.

So, if you read my last post you'll know that the clock is ticking and that I have to get a lot done in June.

Well first up the 'Hearts' poem is finished.

Now this is not the best photograph and infact I now realise that this photo is not quite the finished piece as I added more beading on the right hand side.  That's my hand on the left holding the paper.  I cannot prop it up to photograph as the hearts at the bottom overhanging the piece are getting a little battered.

If I can, I will take it out and lay it flat to take a final photo, but really this is ready for the framer and in order to keep it fresh I now need to handle it as little as possible.

Now, can I say I am really happy with it?  It's not quite my usual style, but is made with a person in mind and I think is ideal for her.  So yes I am.  It is safe?  It doesn't push any boundaries but it is also personal and un-challenging.  Ideal for a present I think.  I hope you like it.  Much more to the point - I hope she likes it!

The book wrap is on hold - that has a July deadline.  I can come back to that!

So what about Horizons!  Well, there has been some progress.

The sky at the top is machine quilted.

Threads are selected for the middle panel which I will hand stitch.

Quilting for the bottom panel has commenced, but I'm having tension issues!  But I am just going to have to live with them.  I cannot take the stitching out at the bottom - there just isn't time. And this isn't a competition.

I will be working on this now everyday until it is ready to go.  Deadline is so perilously close!!


  1. The heart poem is a lovely piece which I'm sure will be well received. You seem to be making good progress with Horizons and I look forward to seeing it in August.

    1. Thanks Maggi. Pressing on with Horizons! Nearly there! Hearts now to go to the framer!

  2. Love the hearts poem and I'm sure its going to be received with joy and delight. Luv to Whippet X from Buster who is sadly not getting much walking at the moment.

    1. Thanks so much. It is nice to be able to create something personal.

  3. Your Horizons piece looks intriguing,It will be good to see it finished.

  4. 'Perilously close' is scaring me ;-) My horizons piece is still a collection of small sections and has yet to be assembled. Then I have to make the sample as the first one had some miistakes and has been dismantled with some pieces going in the main piece. I still intend to meet the deadline! I'm looking forward to seeing your completed work at FOQ.

    1. Ha - haven't even started on the sample! But that won't take long! When are you planning to post yours?


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