Up-cycled tin cans

11 July 2013

A bit of departure from textiles, but I just wanted to share with you a nifty decorating idea if you're in 'vintage' mode.  This time it relates to flowers.  And in my view, on special occasions, flowers just finish off the decorations.

So, if you remember, in the last post, we were on a boat.  To me that indicated that my flower arrangements had to be robust.  And anyway I did not have enough matching vases.

The solution - upcycled food tins (or in my case dog food tins - so glamourous!).

I used two sizes - baked bean can size and large. And I covered the tins with strips of fabric glued with prit stick.  I did not worry about hemming.

As you can see, the effect was stunning.

I did not bother with oasis, but just went for an unstructured posy look.

And to keep the costs down I bought roses from Lidl (yes, you read that correctly), gypsophilia and long lasting flowers from a local florist, and picked the greenery from the garden.

In there you might spot grass seed heads, jasmine and buddleia.


The flowers were stunning on the boat and they made it to the evening table too. 

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