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28 July 2013

I spent part of yesterday evening following the 'what if' principles.

What if I decorated some papers with acrylic paints and inks and then used them to overlay photographs.

So I got out the paints.

My colours were specific - I wanted to use colour that in my mind reflected Andalucia - it may be a bit of a cop out but the next series of JQs (May to August) which I am doing in one hit will deal with my memories of Spain and some lovely holidays spent there - my theme for the JQs is 'Memories'.  And my philosophy is to treat them like sketch book pages and not to get too hung up about them.

So I also got out my box of hand made print blocks.

And then I kind of went for it.

And here are the results.

This is from a 'Sun Block' inspired by a tile in Seville.

This uses a commercial stencil that reminds me of the shapes of the ceramic wall tiles.

A lino cut using a cheese plant image (there are a few of these in the courtyard gardens)

Another cheese plant image, this one a print block made using childrens funky foam.

Individual print blocks (again using foam)

Floor tile blocks using foam.

Then today I did a bit of manipulation in Paint.Net.

Mezquita 1

Mezquita 2

Seville courtyard

City Gate Granada

Print of fabric, bit of stitch and I might have a few little quilts.


  1. I love these pieces, you really have given the feel of Spain with the printing of blocks that look like tiles, very inspiring. I was in my neighbours garden this morning doing the "what if", there is one section that looks quite wild and I was thinking about some of my hand dyes and what if I layered the photos on them. Thanks for pushing me in the right direction!


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