More Printing - this time using Thermofax Screens

6 September 2013

I was inspired by by recent trip to the Bramble Patch - well if I am honest I actually think I have gadget envy.  

As much as I love the effect of the last printing experiment, with the screen made with pva glue, I really do love the possibilities offered by Thermofax Screens.  And Ms Beattie and Ms Redfern have the luxury of their own! That means that they can produce screens from their own sketches without worrying too much about the cost. 

Now I have had a few screens made from my own sketches, and in the grand scheme of things I think the price is very reasonable, but I can't go printing everything even  though I might want to, whereas with your own machine the costs are much cheaper and therefore you can afford to be a bit more rash.

Consequently, when they were at the BP the ladies had lots of screens with them.

So, because I was in a bit of a printing mode, I assembled my weapons ( some acrylic paints, which are fairly fluid, and a random jar of very old Crafty Notions gold paint.  I have no idea where that came from).

I used a couple of screens that I made when I did the last City and Guilds Textile Design course.

This screen is a favourite.  It was inspired from a bundle of twigs with lichen.  I piled the twigs onto the photocopier - literally a pile - then when I had the two dimensional image I traced the pattern that emerged.  It is spiky but I do like it ( it was what I actually used for my final piece - it had a bit I'd a 1950s feel to it)

So I printed I layers on paper.

Then I added background colour (sprayed brushy inks)

And now I have 4 rather lovely pieces of paper.  

These will just have to wait for further inspiration to hit, for I am off to sample the delights of Southern Spain for a few days ( and no doubt get more inspiration for more work).  This time though I have bought a small pallet of koh I nor inks and I am going to see if I feel uninhibited enough to try to do some sketch booking while I am away. 

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