Getting back into the studio ( almost)

28 May 2014

Now that the unpacking is almost done (I say 'almost' because at the weekend I found, lurking under some pictures that are waiting to be hung, a packing crate that we had forgotten about) and the studio is getting, well, more studio looking, my thoughts are turning to work.

Of course there is a quilt that I have to finish for the Festival of Quilts in August. I started this before the move, but the poor thing is languishing waiting for some serious stitching. I will get on with that this week and will probably try to do a blog post for you to show you it in construction. I don't think I have actually introduced you to it yet. 

But in the meantime a bit of inspiration from the web.

I am in awe of the construction of this little house it is a work of science and mathematics, never mind a work of art. I just love it, and once the quilt is finished think that I might try to move on to some three dimensional work. But let's see how things go, because in the meantime more hand made journals are calling. 

So much work bursting to get out, so little time!


  1. Welcome to your new home from home! That garden from your studio looks like a great potential distraction! I've been catching up with all your fascinating comings & goings here, enjoying a delightfully extended coffee break, so thaks for that. Your books were just wonderful - I must look up a ribbon binding tutorial, very neat & pretty. Also, congrats on the rosette! (better late than never ;)

  2. That ribbon binding was such a success. I am itching to do more hand made books. I will get the quilt out of the way first and then I will be off!! ( oh and something else three dimensional - clocks have a possible appeal) wish the day job wasn't so taxing and exhausting!


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