The clock ( and I'm packing)

13 May 2014

Well that is almost here, the move is almost upon us.

We are just going 10 miles down the road, but somehow it feels like a completely new environment. Still, I have been able to go to the new house a couple of times now and I'm sure I can make it feel like home. Meanwhile the very good news is that I will have a much bigger space to call my studio – in fact I am spoilt!  I will have an amazing space to call the studio! 

So I have started to pack. I have already filled 10 boxes and that is just packing up art stuff. There are still fabrics and other bits and pieces to go before my current studio space is fully packed. I seem to have accumulated of an awful lot of stuff!

But I've also started on the ornaments. We don't have many ornamets here, because it is only the home from home, but I do have a most spectacular clock. So this morning, as I took it down and dusted it and took the battery before packing it gently away, I thought I should share it with you and that you might like to see it.

So here it is. 

Paper mâché by a girl called Catherine Reekie, I think.  I wonder if she still makes clocks. This one must be 15 years old. 

It is now wrapped and boxed ready for the move. Next time we see it, it will be in the new home from home. 


  1. Hope it goes well. Are you having a sort out and a chuck out, or just packing everything from the studio away in boxes to take to the new place?!

    1. I started sorting and chucking but by the end was just stuffing all into boxes. Pretty much all done now. Beginning to let go of here and looking forward to the new place.

  2. How fun - the clock that is. Moving, not so much. But I am glad to hear you found a place and that you will have a super studio. We will expect much from you then, once you get settled. ;-) Good luck!

  3. The clock has given me an idea. You don't see many mixed media clocks and certainly not with stitch. I feel a number of possibilities presenting themselves.

  4. I'm so pleased for you that you've found a new home and a fabulous studio space is the icing on the cake. Love the clock too :-)

  5. It's no wonder why you love that clock. It certainly looks charming! Anyway, how was your move? I hope you have already adjusted to the new environment. It can be uncomfortable at first, but I’m sure you can do it. I wish you all the best!

    Cathy Schwartz @ Best Rate Removals


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