A drawing a day ( almost)

14 October 2014

Ok, I confess, a few days have slipped!  But my little book is filling up, nevertheless. 

My favourite drawing pencil is still my 'work' pencil, a Rotring pencil with a 0.7 mm lead. I did not buy this pencil, it was a freebie from somewhere. It has Kingspan printed on the side. Kingspan make insulation materials and I think I might have picked it up at Ecobuild. (There's an example of the day job impacting on my 'dark' side.)

I am finding that the easiest thing to look at and draw are other peoples drawings. So I am using the internet to find pictures that I then draw. Ok, so that's not so pure, but actually doing something seems more important than where I a source the inspiration. 

Mostly I am sketching tea or coffee pots, but I follow the blog by Clive Hicks - Jenkins ( without doubt one of my favourite artists, discovered through Steph and Chloe Redfern).  And Clive posted this lovely, lovely sketch on his blog. 

I just love this. Clive said that early on his career he drew a lot of Staffordshire characters like this. Well I don't have any Staffordshire pottery characters like this, but I do have the internet. It will have to do. 

So, here's the original - a photo of 'The Kiling of Munrow'.  I have no idea who Munrow was, but I guess he met a sticky end. 

And here's my first sketch. 

I need to try it again, but using crayon to add colour. 

Go and visit Clive's Blog http://clivehicksjenkins.wordpress.com/2014/10/11/gold-and-death/


  1. Some years ago, I did a sketch a day for a month and most of mine were just copying from magazines, books or off the internet. Yes, drawing from life is a bit harder, but both are good exercises. And as you say, the actual doing is the important thing. Not a bad rendition here!

  2. I'm actually very pleased with my tiger. The man is a bit off, but the tiger has real potential. But don't you just love Clive's original?


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