Sunday morning

6 October 2014

We are enjoying the last hurrah of summer - the weather is just the right side of warm though last night the evening turned decidedly nippy ( I am writing this on Sunday!) 

Still, we cannot complain. It has been a pretty good summer and September was just lovely. 

So if you read my Blog Hop post you will know that I lead a somewhat disjointed life going up and down the A34 between Portsmouth and Milton Keynes. 

This weekend was a Portsmouth weekend, so, as I always do, I called in on my lovely, lovely friends Rob and Andy of Rob Turner China (do pop over for a bit of tableware eye candy). 

Rob has been playing with new ceramic forms and glazes and this stunning beauty was on the dining room table. 

This is the underside. 

And this is the right way up. 

The glazes are just amazing, breathtaking actually. 




Then later, supper across the water at Gunwharf Quays. 
 Stonking sunset, but taken on the phone so a bit blurry. 

Meanwhile, I have almost, not quite, but almost, managed a drawing a day in a new little sketchbook acquired for the purpose. 

Laura and Annabel inspired me - so I'm giving it my best shot. 


  1. I would love to have seen that beautiful bowl, it looks amazing. (I think you and I will be enjoying each other's company at the weekend :-) )

    1. It's fab!! But your message is a bit cryptic. Don't think I am doing anything this weekend, though do put me right!!!


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