The Workshop Sale 2014

6 December 2014

Its that time of year again - one that I have shared before.

My friends Rob and Andy run Rob Turner China and every year we go to South East London and set up The Workshop Sale with other makers. 

This year we were at a new venue and Rob brought the Christmas lights!

In fact he brought so many Christmas lights I though we might fuse the rest of East Dulwich!

This was out stand and as you can see Rob has been experimenting with some Day of the Dead images.

And some lovely fish images.  I love the glazes on these fish platters.

Pazuki was also there with some stunning printed garments (I treated myself to 2 scarves. They are lovely for work and pep up a rather boring top brilliantly).

And the lovely Anna Lovell was also there.  She does lovely wearable jewellery (does that make sense?)

And finally the lovely textile queen, Linda Miller - who had a lovely stand but somehow all I managed to photograph was this tea cosy!

Other makers were there, but I only managed to photograph these. But pop over to the Workshop Sale website where you can find links to everyone.  It may be possible to still pick up a Christmas bargain if you are quick.

Well, that's if for another year.  But Rob has already booked the venue for next year.

And maybe, one year, I will find the impetus to do a stand of my own.


  1. So much color, so many lights! I love it!

    1. Ha ha and having just seen your Blog Sherrie I know why!!

  2. What wonderful looking stuff!

    ....go on....have a go next year! :-)

    x C

  3. Love those Day of the Dead images!

    1. I do too but they did not really sell on the day. In fact most people bought loads of mugs, and I think that is because they are such a great price point for a Christmas Present.

      Rob has also done some very big faces that hang on the wall. They are quite amazing really.


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