27 November 2014

I think I might just be a little bit in love!

You know me, if I have one of those restless nights and being of a sharing and caring nature, I go wandering around the web to find lovely stuff to share with you, dear reader.

And via a very convoluted route involving fashion and style for the older woman (thank goodness for Helen Mirren and L'Oreal!) I came across the artist Sue Kreitzman.

I won't tell you about Sue because my interpretation of her philosophy will not do it any justice. Instead I suggest you follow these links to find out more about her yourself. I really really urge you to have a look. Her style might not necessarily be to your taste (I couldn't live in her flat - I would be just too creeped out by the dolls heads and mannequins she uses. It's a thing from my childhood. I must have been given a couple of ghastly dolls I think, for ever since then I have struggled with anything doll like, except, of course, the beautiful mixed media figures that Daughter No 1 makes). 

But I digress, popover and have a look (look at the videos too. There are a couple of links to videos about Sue where she describes her history as an artist and her philosophy or manifesto).

Okay, so what did you think?

For me I think what really hit home was the fact that suddenly, and seemingly out of the blue, she found Art. She came to Art relatively late but since then has had an overwhelming drive to create art. And it subsumes everything she does. She lives it (look at her flat) she wears it (look at her clothes) and she seems to breath it with every breath. 

I am not as consumed as Sue, but this strikes such a cord. 

 A very good friend said to me the other day, and he wasn't being cruel or unkind in any way, the world doesn't really need another stitched picture. And my response to him was "yes I know. But I have a drive to get stuff out. It is like it has been locked inside me for so long and now I have found the tap to release it." Sue manages to express that much better than I was able to.

And read her manifesto here 

So, if nothing else, I hope you will throw out any beige. For beige will kill you!

I think ( hope) I might be a WOW!! 


  1. Woah, I love the colour and pattern, but I'd crave white space if I lived there! And my personal opinion is that the world doesn't need people to say it doesn't need another stitched picture - how do they know?? We just need to do what we need to do, it's not for us to judge. Hmmm!

    1. Me too Iz. I think I really like a neutral palette as a backdrop so that actually the work shines out.

      But isn't sue just inspirational. I think I'm a wee bit older than you ( based on the respective ages of our offspring - my Daughter No 1 being 29 ahem!) so I rather like the WOW philosophy and think I might start my own FAFS (fabulous at - insert Forty/ fifty/sixty/seventy) keeps the 'O' word out. !

      And I really comnected with her drive to make art. Where did that come from for me too? Ok my dad dabbled and my kids are super creative, but me? Never. And now I just want to win the lottery so I can stop work and make art lol!!! (Whoops forgot to buy that ticket again!) xxx

    2. Wow indeed! Thank you for the links. I'm off to work in a minute so have onlt had a quick look but will be back for a longer browse later!


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