Exuberant China ( Tales from The Workshop Sale Part 2)

9 December 2015

I think every year since I started this little venture into Blogland, I have reported on the annual workshop sale, so every year I think I have told you about the wonderful work of Rob Turner.

Their china just makes you want to reach for the kettle! 

And while you are over on their site having a little browse around the china, don't forget to also have a quick look at their Blog too.  Tales of wrangling with builders amid all the loveliness! 

And of course the fabulous jewellery of Anna Lovell and Elaine Goff. ( I have several pairs of their earrings!)

And more jewellery - this time from Janie Bates. 

It is worth popping over to her own website. It tells fascinating tales of the orient and how she sources her materials.

She also made the necklace that Lady Macbeth wears in the new film!! Wow!

And last but not least.

Unlike Portsmouth, where I was flying solo so to speak, this was a joint effort between myself, Yvonne and Jane

We had a very successful day and I was very pleased with the event. I sold several hand finished mono prints and there was much riffling through the tin of brooches. 

I love Yvonne's collars, and sold a couple but there was not much interest in my jewellery. Which is a shame because I thought I did a good job with the display, but I guess there was a lot of jewellery competition on the day.  And I think, moving forward, I need to be more flamboyant and less timid with my jewellery pieces! 

Anyway - that's it for another year! The time flies. It's nearly Christmas and then 2016 will be upon us with all the adventures and challenges that that might bring. 

I will just go and grab a mince pie! 


  1. What a lovely piece and memory of great day.
    Your such a pro!

    1. Aw - you're making me blush!!!

      Dare I even ask how the floor is? Xxxx

  2. Your stall and jewellery looked amazing!
    Such beautiful work indeed x


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