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2 December 2015

I'm in print!

Dear reader, I'm in print and with some exulted company to boot.

You can get hold of your own copy here. 

But let me explain.

If you pop back here from time to time you will know that I got involved in the Bucks Open Studios back in the summer. You can read a bit about that big adventure here. 

We had a very successful event, but the key thing for me was that my work was out in the public domain.  It felt like a big, bold step.

But I have also read so many discussions on blogs, in magazines etc. about textile art not being considered a mainstream art medium. I got quite excited about how Open Studios could be such a good way to put textile art along side more traditional mediums.

So I wrote an article.

And to my surprise it was published by the lovely Annabel and Laura.

So you will find my witterings in there.

But don't just read it for me - deary me no! Have a peruse and see all the other excellent and inspiring artists covered. I briefly skipped through it over lunch yesterday but will return for more today (thats the nice thing about Isuu - so long as I have a computer to hand I can have a browse).


  1. Nicely written and illustrated article, Hilary. All good sound advice for the novice - I don't think you left a single thing out!

  2. It was a great piece! Great advice. Well done!!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    I feel quite passionate about textile artists getting involved in Open Studios. There always seems so much 'moaning' about how Textile Art is not seen as a 'real' art medium. Well that is never going to change unless we just get out there in celebrations such as this.

    It was so kind of Laura and Annabel to publish.

    And never mind my scribblings. The rest of the mag is a great read with some luscious images, don't you think?


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