If in doubt - shop (part 1)

24 July 2016

Dear reader did you think I had abandoned you?

So very sorry - a few technical hitches and life curve balls have rather scuppered the flow of creative witticisms I post here. Nothing major (though I have had a couple of those this year) just little niggles that eat into time. 

And a technical hitch with the camera! I do post pics taken with my electronic gizmos but nothing beats a proper pic taken with a proper camera don't you think? 

But I have been shopping! 

Nothing too extravagant - instead a couple of books. 

And I thought I should share them with you just in case you want to indulge. 

What can I say? Everything about this book screams class and quality (actually I think that's true of everything they produce. Even the cover is printed on fabric). 

I met Anne Kelly at her open studio in June. What a lovely lady she is. And that is reflected in the book.

The content is divided into 5 Chapters:

  • Drawing From Nature - getting you close with the natural world and suggesting how to organise your resources (Nature table anyone?) 

  • Planting in Cloth - exploring the endless possibilities for print, stitch and dye with flora imagery

  • Taking flight - bird and insect motifs and how to incorporate them in your work

  • Working with green Spaces - exploring your environment, artists residencies in gardens and expanding beyond your locality

  • Nature in Context - symbols from nature and exploring further ideas. Also some ideas for working when travelling. 

As well as Anne's own work, the book is liberally peppered with exquisite work from other artists.

And the photographs are stunning.

Definitely a worthwhile investment I suggest.

Right - I'll call a halt there. Pop back for part 2 of my recent shopping extravaganza in a couple of days. 


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  1. Hi Hilary - I am delighted that you are enjoying it - many thanks for sharing your thoughts x :)


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