If in doubt - shop (part 2)

27 July 2016

Well, did you rush out and buy Textile Nature yet?

I promised you part 2, and here it is. 

(If you've just stumbled across this blog you're probably wondering what I'm talking about. You migh want to pop back one blog post to Part 1) 

So, dear reader, my other bookish investment is Making Art From Maps by Jill K Berry. 

In all honesty I'm not quite sure how I found out about this book. I thing I was meandering round the blogosphere when I tripped over a reference to it.

But what a great trip. What a fabulous book! 

Bit of background. 

Last year my father died and I helped my Mum do a bit of clearing out. We found a box of maps in the loft. A few vintage, but mostly just out of date. But I've always loved maps, and never one to miss a mixed media gift horse ( think there's a metaphor lurking in there somewhere) snatched it up. 

I've had a bit of a play but nothing too serious to date. 

But I'm planning some work for an exhibition later in the year entitled "Transformation". And the whole idea of reusing, recycling and changing landscapes got me thinking. I have done a few sketches using the maps ( and, by the way, the paper is lovely to work with. It takes wet media nicely and stitches well. I guess maps are designed to withstand folding and unfolding) but need to get somet more substantial work made. 

So when I found this book it was definitely one for the library.

This book is divided into 6 chapters. Each chapter focuses on a 'use for the maps' - Decor; Books, Journals and Boxes; Fashion; Collage and Illustration; Sculpture and Installations; Interiors and Lighting; - with an initial chapter discussing techniques and materials and tools.

The book is peppered with art by other makers and artists.

And I loved the fact that one of the first artists features is John Dilnot - a lovely chap. Now I have met John very briefly a couple of times but my lovely friends Rob and Andy have some John Dilnot work in their home (which reminds me - they have finished their renovation and now live in a gallery. I must post a tour for you some time).

And I love these 3 dimensional pieces by Deedee Hampton . They are based on Pajakis - Polish paper chandeliers used as decoration at Christmas.

If you are tempted I found this book on Amazon (yes - I know!! Please forgive) but it is published by Rockport Publishers . The author is Jill K Berry - not an artist previously known to me but someone I need to explore further. 


  1. I didn't know this book existed either, Hilary. I love maps too and always loved drawing them for Geography. I'm 'friends' with Jill Berry on Facebook but didn't know she'd written this book. I shall have to go and investigate Amazon :-)

  2. Oo temptation! What a lovely book xxx

    1. I know! I can see one of your hares stitched or painted or collaged onto a map.

  3. I love maps. Often use them for wrapping presents. Must check this book out.
    Have you seen Rosie Scott-Massie's work? She uses maps for papercutting. Such beautiful pieces.

  4. Hi Hilary, I have just received both books and I'm delighted. Thanks so much for telling us about them, I've already made a map basket and I will have a go at the flowers later. The nature book is wonderful and I know it will keep me busy for months!


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