Porto, Portugal.

21 September 2016

So, you tip out of your beautiful tile covered hotel up the hill in Porto,

Admiring the garden as you go

Popping into the hotel grotto to admire the statues

and after you have had breakfast in the very Victorian dining room 

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complete with this fabulous statement clock.

Oh, I forgot to mention the bathroom! You have carried out your ablutions in the bathroom furnished with these fabulous tiles. 

Anyway, as I say, you tip out of the hotel and head down the hill towards the quayside past fabulous tiled buildings (some have seen better days it must be said!)

And stopping for refreshments in The Majestic - the art deco cafe where you are served tea by white aproned waiters.

All this deco could confuse - you would be forgiven for thinking that you were in Paris. 

And then you could be tempted by the antique trams.

Past more tiles - this time on the outside of a church.

And quaint old buildings.

Until you get to the funicular railway which then affords this fabulous view of the River Douro as you tip down a vertiginous slope towards the base of the bride and the quayside. 

Crossing the bridge you can watch the kids playing in the water at high tide (at other times the water flows too fast).

And you can take a trip on the cable car.

And take a bus around the old town of Gaia to look back over the roofs of the Port warehouses to Porto.

Then there is time for more wandering and exploring through steep lanes

Before you end up at the quayside, teeming with restaurants and bars and just in time for a refreshing drink and perhaps a little snack to fuel you before you had back up the hill. 

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  1. So beautiful! (And 'ablutions' is one of my favourite words ever!) x


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