"Transformation" and an explanation

2 October 2016

Gosh, dear reader!

Do you feel all abandoned and unloved? 

I admit I've been a bit absent here in Blogland. I've been busy elsewhere on the wonderful World Wide Web, but a bit absent from here. 

Let me explain! 

But before I do, let me tell you where you can find me elsewhere on the web ( which is a bit presumptuous of me - do you want to find me elsewhere on the web?) 

I'm on Facebook here

But I also co- manage The Quilters Teashop here.

It's a bit of fun and frippery originally set up by the lovely Annabel Rainbow before the equally lovely Laura Kemshall persuaded her to focus her efforts on Through Our Hands. If you're on Facebook ( yes, I know!! I know! But hey, it's a great place to share stuff) then come on in and grab a cuppa and a piece of cake and let's have a chat about all things basically lovely and quilty and arty. 

And as if that isn't enough I also manage The Workshop Sale page on Facebook for my lovely friends Rob and Andy

And then there is Mix3d Stitch! Ok, so I share this with Jane and Yvonne but it still needs a bit of maintenance and love and care (presence on the web is a bit like gardening - it all needs regular maintenance!) 

Which brings us onto the main reason why I have been a bit absent here. 

Let me show you round "Transformation - and exhibition of contemporary art and textile art".

But before you do, an explanation. 


Well we booked the same space for another exhibition to run over Milton Keynes Art week and for the month of October. We being Mix3d Stitch. 

And this one was an open call - we sent out invites ( you may have even been included) and curated this fabulous exhibition. 

Let me show you around.  (You might want to get a cuppa - there are quite a few photos!)

These first two are by Maliheh Zafarnezhad, an MK based mixed media artist. "All my Wounds are From Love' - above and 'Hide It" below.

Upcycled Poole Pottery - they made such beautiful shapes; reworked by Rob.

Here is one of mine! 

Jenny Leslie - Ruin and Regeneration. 

Detail of a lovely piece by Yvonne - also of Mix3d Stitch. 

Another one of mine - this is a triptych. It is an up cycled old map (inherited from my father).

We were so lucky - Catherine Lawes agreed to submit some work. 

And local quilter and stalwart of the Contemporary Quilt group, Margaret Pratt. 

We had such amazing support at the Preview evening - over 60 people I think! 

The embroidery in the ring is from Jenni Mills in Australia.  

Deborah Cooper's quilt. She is a local quilter based in Milton Keynes.

From Spring to Autumn by Sue Vincent. 

Pots by Margaret Pratt. 

And so chuffed to have this fabulous tea set from Sue Trevor. 

A lovely quilt from Jane Charles - another of the Mix3d Stitch group. 

Embroider by local embroider Dilys Seddon.

Beautiful Cyanotypes by Yvonne Elliott.

Embroidery by Margaret Pratt. 

Bees from Heather Talbot based in Canada. (this is a truly international exhibition!)



  1. Lots of gorgeous stuff on here today. Good to see you are absorbed in being part of so many fabulous groups.

  2. Just so happy for you and your cohorts! Looks a fabulous show in a fabulous venue. All forgiven for abandoning us here on the blog. ;-)

  3. Thank you for sharing all the great photos of the exhibition for those of us who couldn't be there. See you on Facebook :-)


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