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12 November 2016

So, dear reader, yet again you must be feeling that I have neglected you. (Although you did have that little tour of London to enjoy). My blogging has been a bit sporadic!

But I have been putting my poor sewing machine through hell and back. And something had to give, and it was updating this blog. 

So where were we? (other than in London)

I was testing new inks in a previous post. Getting very excited about the possibilities that a bit of walnut stain mixed in with the ink powder would create. 

Then, wouldn't you just know, I reverted back to Brusho. Well for my next immediate project at least. 

I'm on a bit of a mission. Let me explain. 

Every year for as long as I can remember I have been doing the Workshop Sale with my lovely friends Rob and Andy. I have blogged about it many times. 

And last year I was brave enough ( some might say foolish) to jump in and do the sale off my own back. 

And this year I am doing the same. I have booked a space. 

And I want to test a new idea. 

Hence the radio silence here ( not because I want to keep it secret, but because I have been putting the ever faithful Pfaff through its paces). 

So, having tested the new inks I decided I needed a bit more pop - something a bit brighter. Hence back to Brusho. This was because I knew I was going to be using organza.  I needed something that could hold its own beneath the organza.

I used paper ( coloured book pages and gold foil) for collage. 

I backed the organza with Bondaweb. 

And I stitched and stitched. 

This gives you a flavour. 

Along the way we had a technical failure. The bottom stitch was failing horribly. Looping and jumping, I wound and rewound the bobbin, I kept re- fitting the bobbin casing but nothing worked.

In desperation I ended up on You Tube. I cannot even remember  the link, but it wasn't the bobbin at all. The simple message was 'if the bobbin is failing, look to the top' ( yes, I know, I know!!!) and the needle had dropped a fraction. Just a simple re-adjustment and all was sorted. Stress levels reduced dramatically!

Anyway, the finished product will soon be revealed so I will leave you here - which is incredibly annoying I know, but I am not sure if this is even going to work quite as I intended.


  1. I spy maps! Looks intriguing :-) Glad you sorted your machine issue out. Mine would have ended up in the garden!

    1. You're right! Maps!!

      And my machine was nearly thrown out of the window, but sense prevailed! But what did we do before Youtube?

  2. That is a good tip to remember!
    Sandy in Bracknell

  3. It looks beautiful, good luck with the sale!

  4. The finished product is revealed - if anyone is interested. http://livingtowork-workingtolive.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/lampshades-it-been-production-line.html


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