Jessica Sporn collaged backgrounds

14 November 2016

I love Jessica Sporn - her energy and commitment to her art.

And she is very generous, she shares a lot of techniques on her blog or on her Youtube Channel.

And I found this and thought it a very useful tutorial to make collaged and painted backgrounds.

Once I have cracked my latest project I want to try a bit of painting - or rather something without stitch. I wonder if I can?  This could be a useful starting point.

Hope you enjoy it and it gives you a few ideas too.


  1. This was so fun to watch and helpful too. I'm always afraid to keep adding on top of something I've started (I'll ruin it!) so to see how she worked with the paint and how that actually made things more interesting as she went along is what I need to get me to try that myself.

  2. I know what you mean. But I'm determined to give this a go. Mrs Bertimus, another blogger I follow, paints and stitches. She uses complicated backgrounds and perhaps collage and paint for the image. I love my machine but sometimes think I should give it a rest. It's getting another pounding just now.

  3. Good demo ... it looks such fun. "Interacting with the collage" is the key, isn't it - the dialogue with the work. And the immediacy of using fingers to apply paint!


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