Bucks Open Studios 2017 - a review

30 June 2017

Friends - it has been a little while!

And, while I am sure you did not really miss me - there are other fab blogs out there after all - I should explain. 

I think last time we met I had finished the handmade artists book. 

It was a labour of love - made for Bucks Open Studios. 

Here are a few pics. I ought to try to do a little video.

The binding. 

Then a little bit if the stuffing was knocked out if me! 

I lost my old dog. He was elderly, it was coming, he'd had a great innings but it still somewhat took the wind out of my sails. Dogs - they're not with us long enough. And they take a bit of your heart.

Here he is from a couple of years ago looking out over the Solent. If you have read this blog from the start you may have seen him pop up from time to time. He was a character and not fond of other dogs he met out - yet as soft as butter when you got to know him.

And here he is, basking in the May sunshine shortly before he died. 

But must press on - this blog is not about dogs. 

So then we had a holiday - fabulous! Romania - a bit of vampire hunting ( well, you have to don't you!). 

I will come back to Romania another time. I will just tempt you with this.  (Yes - its Dracula's castle! Actually it isn't at all, but that is another story!) 

And then back to a hectic time in the day job, and hanging Open Studios. 

We - and by 'we' I mean Mix3d Stitch, the informal little group that first got together for Open Studios in 2015 - were back at Christ The Cornerstone Church in central Milton Keynes ( opposite Marks and Spencer - prime location!) 

This year we totalled 11 artists including a proper quilter - Alison Pearson

Then yours truly.

Transformation - Time and Landscape I (above) and II (below) had another outing.

They looked beautiful this time. I did not hang them on hanging rods but rather attached them directly to the wall. Much better.


Stunning batik by Jane Sharp (teeny hand stitching!)

Yvonne Elliot had a wonderful display in an alcove in the first floor cloister gallery.

And Jane Charles made a beautiful display of quirky birds and trees ...

... and colourful mixed media prints.

Beautiful paintings by Sheila Ward.

Detailed drawings by Nicola Saunderson.

Paintings, many portraits and self portraits by Catherine Smith (including this interactive cube).

Prints by Helen Taylor.

And stained glass.


  1. what a wonderful variety of lovely work! so sorry about your sweet 'old dog' x

  2. Are you kidding? Of course we missed you! It's been awhile so thanks for the update. Your FB postings from Romania were a surprise, but I was happy that you got to make the trip. So hard to lose the furry children and amidst all else that life is throwing at you. But your book looks lovely as do your offerings at the open studios. That whole grouping of the various artists looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks Sheila. I'm behind on my own blog reading too. Not enough hours in the day. But feel I am back on track. Xxx

    2. I'm in the same boat, slowly making my way through my blog feedreader backlog and lots of other reading too. Can't seem to get out of perpetual catch-up mode even when feeling I'm getting back on track! I'm SURE I used to be better at this - lol

  3. A lovely display. You are so lucky to have found the gallery space and group to fill it again. So sorry to hear of your dog. They truly do make our hearts swell and are never with us long enough.


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