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8 July 2017

Dear reader

How lucky was I - I borrowed a studio!

And not just any studio, but a garden studio belonging to my lovely friends Rob and Andy of Rob Turner China (I was dog sitting for them) so of course I had a good nosey round the garden too. They have very green fingers. 

Even the tomatoes looked stunning and full of promise for what is to come. 

And the Hosta was flowering. 

Lots of decorated pots on their new deck. 

And a stunning vista as you step out of the back door ( there is a glimpse of the creek through there). 

Succulents in pots. 

And the corner of the deck by the studio. 

Agapanthus almost blooming.

Decorated terracotta pots for sale

and ined up for studio visitors. 

 I used to think succulents were so boring. I am changing my mind! 

And then I wandered down to the veg patch and found these beauties. 

And the old sign from their studio shop in London ( so many years ago now it almost feels like another life) 

Inevitably I was accompanied on my little journey by my little charges.

And the potato bed proved particularly fascinating. 

The back of the house. 2 years ago this was a boring 1960s bungalow.

Hampshire Open Studios will run from the 19th to the 28th August.

Rob and Andy are throwing their doors open for the first time for this festival. The venue is listed as
The Vestibule @ 4RC (4 Rectory Close, Alverstoke, Gosport). 4 artists will be showing in total, including yours truly.


  1. What a glorious place to spend the weekend. Did you ever leave?!?

    1. Sadly yes! They came home and my dog sitting services were no longer required!


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