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8 November 2017

Back in the studio with gusto. I have lampshades to make.  I have two sales coming up. 

First off a little block print made a few years ago comes out for another outing.  

In October 2013 I went for a walk and was struck by these horse chestnut leaves.

So inspired was I that I indulged in a bit of snipping and glueing with that foam sheet stuff you can get from Hobby Craft.

Look at that! And who would have guessed that four years later it is still going strong. And it has been used several times. (note to self, must do some more!)

So, one evening I printed this image onto some old book pages. I love using old book pages. Just a hint of writing underneath. A bit of mystery. 

Snipped out and stuck down onto some lovely textured handmade paper.

Ready for stitching.

And I was on a roll so I did another one, but this time using a print block made from  pre-cut shapes.

Again, old book pages. This was an engineering book, so relevant for circles and eclipses I thought.

Again, stuck onto handmade, textured paper (well, I say handmade but I got it in a studio sale so I am not sure it is, but it ideal for lampshade and takes stitching with the machine very well).

Again, ready for stitching. 

And finally, being inspired by an old London A-Z. Now this must hold some opportunities for re-using.  Let me ponder. 


  1. Replies
    1. Ha - now that's what I've still got to do. Roll the lampshades onto their frames.

    2. I was thinking that - oh the puns!

  2. That all looks very intriguing. I have a stash of lovely old linen backed maps that are waiting for inspiration to hit. I'll watch your A-z use with interest!

    1. I will get them rolled onto the frames this week. See what you think then. I love using maps for lampshades but should say that none of mine are linen backed. They're just paper maps from my dads old collection.

  3. Your leaf prints are beautiful - and I love those layered circles over the book text. Hope both your sales go brilliantly.
    Alison x

  4. Wow! This is inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing xxx


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