Christmas events Part 1

7 December 2017

Time to bring you up to date with all that has been going on since I last put pen to virtual paper here on the blog. 

If you follow me on Social Media you will know that while things have been a bit quiet here I have been full on elsewhere. My last post told you about how I was on a mission - things were very full on in the studio.  Well, now it is time to report the outcome of all that activity.

First up then is the Christmas Open Studios in Gosport. 

You may recall that we had the most fabulous inaugural Hampshire Open Studios event in August. A brilliant 10 days shared with Rob Turner, Loudwear and Melissa Sledmere. 

The space worked so well we decided to do it again, but for one weekend. Only Melissa did not do the repeat event but instead Rob had met the wonderful Port and Lemon (based in Titchfild, just along the Solent from Gosport) and they came along and set up their jolly shop in the end of the studio.

Port and Lemon are two lovely ladies, Tracy and Kate. Their images are rather wonderful and their products really complemented the rest of us.

So, lets have a mini guided tour.

Our visitors first started in the garden studio. The studio is divided into two distinct areas and in the end area Port and Lemon set up shop.

There is a lot of the sea side in their imagery.

And a very mid century vibe.

Jolly soaps, ideal little stocking fillers.

Tea towels galore. 

And some original paintings.

Oh and a salty sea dog kept popping up (on cushion covers and dog bowls!)

I really do recommend you pop over to their website or Etsy shop and stock up on some of their lovely stuff. It is fresh and cheerful and guaranteed to make you smile.

Next up, is Rob and Andy's section set out at the other end of the garden studio.

Sunny new designs, reminiscent of summer. 

Mugs, because life is too short to drink tea and coffee out of anything but bone china. (A few Christmassy designs on the lower rows).

You can buy direct from Rob and Andy via their website - Rob Turner China.

Next we move into the kiln room.

As in the summer, Loudware (aka Jane Willingale) set up at one end.

Wonderful, lightweight, cheerful, colourful earrings. 

Silver earrings. Beautiful. 

Bracelets (I love these. They are light and easy to wear and don't clunk and clatter when you are typing on a laptop).

And finally, at the other end of the kiln room was my corner.

I shared the top of the kiln itself with Jane.

Little embroidered original pieces.

Lampshades - the new A-Z lampshades at the back of this picture.

Stitched mono prints. 

And as in the summer we all flooded into the Vestibule - Hampshire's smallest gallery.

It was a fabulous weekend. It got a bit chilly but we had mulled wine and cider on tap - and let me tell you, when your fingers are getting a bit numb a tot of mulled cider pepped up a bit with a tot of rum does wonders for the blood flow!

But we had a lovely steady stream of very happy visitors who all had their wallets open so we all sold a lot of stock. It was very rewarding.

And finally, it was a beautiful bright but chilly weekend and we had fabulous sunsets. The pics below are taken on the beach at Stokes bay (just down from Rob and Andy's house) looking over to the Isle of Wight.


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