Contemporary Art explained?

17 December 2017

How do you explain or define contemporary art?

I'm not sure you can. I think you have to 'feel' it - to sense it, experience it, be part of it.

Good art is about an emotional response. So am I an artist? Well possibly since I was chuffed to hear that people loved my lampshades (each one is unique) but realistically I think I am still dabbling in the shallows of craft. And you know what? Maybe that is ok too. 

But, thinking about contemporary art I recently found this article and I think it helps explain contemporary art. 

Meanwhile, the images below come from the Hemmed In exhibition in Milton Keynes in 2012.


  1. I've just finished a blog post that touches on these issues, and was pleased to see this post when I was composing it in my mind (have put a link to it in my post). As I said in my artist talk, I fully recognize that some of what I do falls in the decorative arts category and I am just fine with that. Some craft may be involved in the decorative arts but not always. I think what you are doing with the lampshades is far from craft but very much decorative art. And yes, since each is unique, you are an artist, as uncomfortable as that label may rest on the likes of you and me. Thanks for the link - am wishing I'd read it before tackling my artist talk!

    1. I'd like to have heard your artists talk. Hope it was well received.

  2. Really interesting, thanks so much xx

    1. Why thank you Mrs B. Its all a bit of a blur - art and craft and where the two merge etc. I guess its ok to be an artist making lampshades if Grayson Perry is an artist who makes pots (and sometimes tapestries). What do you think?


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