Sketch book page with Brick pattern

3 March 2018

Another little page from my ongoing sketch book - the one with a floral theme.  

But this time a little bit of collage.

It started with this print block. 

You may remember I had a pretty productive Sunday a few weeks ago. This very simple print block was one of the outcomes of that session. 

So, first up printing onto a blank page. In this case I used koh-i-noor inks from a palette - applying it to the block with a brush. 

Then a simple wash of pink/pale red.

I highlighted the bricks with a pen.

Then I added ivy leaves - snipped from a painted book page (one of the many books from my stock of charity shop book finds - chosen for their paper, sometime for their words and sometimes for their pictures). 

I use Hi- Tack glue - I find it does not make paper wrinkle. 

And finally flowers, also from a painted book page.


  1. Wonderful page and so inspiring with the various techniques and ideas

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. Thanks Chrissie

      It's a very simple little block to make but does make a very effective background.

  2. I sure do like that brick wall stamp you made. Such a simple idea but very useful.

    1. Yes - methinks it is going to have quite a few outings.


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