Painting with Acrylics

17 March 2018

I might have discovered a new passion - acrylic paints.

Now, I am not new to Acrylic paint. In fact, I use acrylics a lot.  From time to time I have written about them here on the blog. For instance, I am a bit of a fan of Paper Artsy Fresco Finish paints. 

I use them for monoprinting (not for the faint hearted if, like me, you print with tissue paper! They dry quickly, one of their key features, which means if you don't move quickly the paint simply bonds the tissue to the printing plate) and for decorating background papers which I use for collage. 

I also print with hand made print blocks using acrylics. 

But I have never actually tried to just use acrylic paints to build up layers on their own.

I was inspired by a video from Laura and Linda Kemshall on DMTV.  Laura demonstrated a hand painting using a background painted with Acrylics. 

I was having one of those days when I just needed to find something really absorbing to do.  What with the day job being very full on plus having to clear my late mums house, things have been hard work of late. 

I just needed something really therapeutic. 

The process is extremely satisfying. I started by building up blocks of colour. As you can see, some of the paints mixed on the paper. While you don't want everything to turn into a muddy brown, you also don't need to be too precious. 

Once the background was covered it was then a case of adding pattern.

I used stencils, the side of an old credit card to print simple lines, the end of a paint brush to also dab simply shapes and scrafito (scraping off paint with the end of a small paint brush to reveal the paint underneath)

I gradually built up the layers, until I was satisfied. On this first outing I ended up with two finished papers. I produced them simultaneously (the same paints etc.) but just varied the backgrounds slightly.

I just love these. The big question is what next. I have ideas brewing. I am wondering about printing these onto velvet. I think they might make spectacular cushions. What do you think? 


  1. Fantastic and inspiring ideas. I love acrylics.

    Chrissie xx

    1. Thanks Chrissie. I found this a very satisfying process.

  2. Quite a successful outing, I'd say. love the range of colors that seem to work together so well because of that bright yellow. Cushions would be fab!

  3. What a beautiful and unexpected collection of colours. YES, do print on velvet!

  4. These are gorgeous! Golden acrylics are my favourite, it becomes an addiction doesnt it x

    1. I've never used Golden, though I know lots of artists do. I guess they are similar to the trusty Frescos. Now a few of my colours are running out and I need to restock. I wonder, should I try a few Golden instead and see what I prefer?

  5. Lovely, really enjoying the brighter colors - I like scraping layers on with the credit car, too, you can vary the thickness. how would you get this onto velvet?

    1. I'm thinking digital printing. Lots of companies print onto cottons but I'm yet to find one that prints onto velvet. I just think it's the luxury. Failing that, maybe silk?

  6. I think the cushions is a fabulous idea!!Would love to see the results!


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