Shape and form

24 April 2018

As you may know, I sometimes have little 'creative outings' in Milton Keynes under the umbrella of Mix3d Stitch.   We have had some very successful shows - notably 'Transformation'  which we hung in the Gallery at Christ the Cornerstone Church in central Milton Keynes. 

My Mix3d Stitch colleagues, Jane Charles and Yvonne Elliott, recently curated another exhibition at the gallery and some of the work was so stunning I thought you might enjoy a little wander round the exhibits. 

The theme was 'Shape and Form' - using architecture and the built environment for inspiration.  Running alongside there was also work from the local Embroiderers Guild members called 'Under My Feet' - and the two worked beautifully together. 

Here is a selection that caught my eye.

First up, from one of the Embroiderers Guild members is 'Puddle on a field path' by Elsie Probert which won the 'Julia Caprara award for Colour.'

Next is 'Turkish Ruins'  by Hilary Hollis.  This was one of the 'Shape and Form' entries. 

And next, a few pieces I was very taken with. Again these were in 'Shape and Form'.

These are the 'Chimneys of Oxburgh Hall' by Ann Cooke. And, safe to say, I was smitten by these.

And Ann also had a small sketch book on display.

I cannot tell you how much I loved these.  I just love 3d interpretations in stitch.

Ann had also submitted a few more traditional/conventional pieces (well, I suppose not so conventional. I think what I mean is that they are in 2D) including the piece below - a stunning interpretation of old stained glass- called Old Stained Glass.

And this piece, inspired by Coventry Cathedral.

Meanwhile, back with the embroidery.

This piece was called 'Mind Your Step' by Su Arlington. This was another winner. In this case the Constance Howard award for Most Outstanding Piece.

Next, another stunning piece from the Embroiderers Guild.

This is 'Dungeness Beach by Jean Chisholm. This won the Val Campbell-Harding award for Machine Embroidery. 

Back to Shape and Form.

The little concertina book and the panel below, inspired by stained glass, are by Jane Charles.

And Jane also did these 'blocks' inspired by Milton Keynes (yes, it really does have a windmill). 

Below, Guiding Lights by Linda Wilkes.  

Cross over by Nicola Saunderson.  This was a silk painting - a new technique for Nicola who usually uses pen and pencil.

And finally, 'Dreaming Cupolas' by Yvonne Elliott.

The exhibition runs until the end of April and, if you are in Central MK, it is worth popping in. 


  1. Wow! What a stunning exhibition. No wonder you were so excited by it. The puddle piece is absolutely stunning, what a wonderful use of the pebbles and glass and such inventive stitching. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to share the exhibition here.

  2. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful exhibition x


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