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21 April 2018

The radio silence does not mean I've not been doing anything.

Deary me no!  It's just what I have been doing has ended up in the bin! 

After my last flurry of creativity with acrylics I got very distracted.

Now I am a huge fan of the Kemshalls, so as a little birthday present to myself I treated myself to a season of their DMTV videos. 

And to be fair to Laura, it was she who kick started me jnto the little foray in acrylic painting. 

But then I got hugely distracted with techniques that they were demonstrating and which I don't need but thought I'd try anyway. 

So I had a go at their acrylic skins - writing with acrylic paint onto plastic and, when dry, painting acrylic medium on top. These you then peel off the plastic and use in mixed media. That's the theory anyway. 

I cannot tell you how much I hated my foray into acrylic skins. And mine didn't so much end up in mixed media as in mixed refuse! 

Sorry Laura, not your fault but not for me. 

Then I got distracted with an old half finished quilt I decided to cut up, again inspired by something Laura did. I had all sorts of grand plans to mount the various bits of chopped quilt onto box canvases. Another disaster!

Even my latest sketch book page is not a thing of beauty. 

On top of all that the day job has been full on. 

Oh - and I've got a commission I need to start work on. 


  1. First, very good to hear from you. Honestly, I was about to e-mail to be sure things were ok, that it was just the job and a busy life in generally keeping you so quiet.

    Second, how refreshing to hear someone else has had the same UNsuccess when trying new techniques that others look to pull off so easily. I always cringe when an artist starts talking about cutting up old work. It smacks of some kind of sacrilege to me. And I don't always agree that they have improved upon things in the doing, but occasionally I do see the value. But mostly, I just shake my head and say, not for me.

    Good on you, though, for giving it a go, that and the "skin" technique. At least now you know these don't work for you and you've cleared them out of your head. Shake this off and go back to the tried and true for a bit.

    1. Ah Sheila - so good to know that you are out there keeping an eye on me from afar. It is true that the day job has been full on of late (in fact, I feel that this year is slipping away from me all too quickly. And that is because the weeks just seem to fly by).

      So, I am back to the tried and tested. I have got a few things on the go - not quite enough to share yet, but after the frustrating little foray into thinks that did not work you are right - back to the tried and tested to re-invigorate the soul.

  2. Sometimes experimenting, even if you're not happy with the results, can really bring a freshness to your work. I bet you'll be creating lots of beautiful art after your technique investigations xxxx

    1. Hello Mrs B. Nice to hear from you. I'm not sure if you are getting comments on your blog from me since I keep getting little messages to say that btinternet.com is blocked (for some reason). I tried to understand the reason but, honestly, it was most unclear. I hope you see this. H xx

  3. You may not feel happy with these cut up quilt pieces but the colours are lovely. Sometimes disasters have a silver lining and bring new thoughts ...

    1. That's the hope! So far, nothing. But you are right - the colours are nice.


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