Looking down - pattern beneath your feet

7 September 2018

Earlier in the year I had a wonderful holiday in Copenhagen and then, across the Bridge, in Malmo. 

You can read more about my adventures here, here or here

But I thought I would just return to these wonderful cities by sharing the fabulous selection of drain covers with you. 

This one was in the breakfast room of the hotel in Copenhagen, hence the floor tiles.

Slightly bonkers I know, but quite inspirational for pattern or print blocks don't you think?


  1. I have photograped our own up and down the country here in the U. K. but they are nowhere near as fabulous as these, which make ours look rather boring in comparison.

    1. I know. The UK never seems to have celebrated the inspection chamber in quite the way other nationalities have.

  2. Wow! So amazing!
    Isn't it wonderful that someone has taken so much care designing these x

    1. I agree! And most people just pass over them without noticing! Mind you, shared this on FB and was amazed at the number of arty folk who popped up and said 'me too'! So I'm not the only slightly bonkers one!


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