Introducing Dorothy

29 August 2018

Let me introduce you to an elegant lady of uncertain years. 

This is Dorothy - and she is a caravan. But not an ordinary caravan (the picture below might give it away slightly, since most ordinary caravans have the tow bar at the front).

Dorothy is not quite what she seems because she is a folding caravan.  All those sides collapse (you can see the 'seams' in the photo below). She is a Rapido - a french folding caravan.  I think she is about 40 years old - may be a little older. 

When she folds down she looks a bit like a trailer tent - all neat and compact and you would never know. 

But when she is up she is a little gem of retro heaven. 

She belongs to my lovely friends Rob and Andy and when they got her she was a bit past her prime. Like all ladies she needed a bit of a spa treatment.

So they recovered her seats and painted her walls (originally she would have been cream inside).

She has a neat little folding kitchen.

And she sleeps 4 people.

The table drops down to make a double bed.

The single at the other end can also be pulled out to create a wider bed.  It is all quite intimate so I think it would be best if everyone knew each other pretty well.


She goes on jolly japes and adventures with Rob and Andy. And sometimes she doubles up as a spare guest room nestling against the plants in the front garden.

Such an elegant lady. And apparently, unlike ordinary caravans, very easy to tow. 


  1. Wow! She's amazing!
    Thanks for showing us inside!!!!! x

    1. Isn't she just something else? I'm a little bit in love.


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