More Marbling!

23 May 2011

As mentioned previously, marbling can be addictive!

What makes it such a successful technique for sketchbooks etc. is that it fills a page instantly.  A lot of people starting out (and that included me) find a blank white page rather ‘scary’ and intimidating and don’t know where to start. 

With marbling you don’t begin with the paper at all – you start with the bath of water where you float the colour - and the paper or cloth is almost incidental.  And then, because you float the paper or fabric upside down, the result is rather ‘serendipitous’.

Looking back in my albums I found some other photos of a previous workshop.  We literally filled the house with lovely sheets of pattern.

In the bathroom!

In the bedroom!

On the landing!

 Here is one crying out for stitch!

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