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20 May 2011

Twelve by Twelve
The other day a book package appeared on my desk at work.  I had not ordered a book so was a bit bemused - and indeed left it for a day before opening it.

But when I got around to it, what a lovely surprise!  A present from my friend Ellen – the book of the Twelve by Twelve quilt group.  

Twelve by Twelve are an international group of 12 quilt artists who have embarked on an amazing art challenge. Every two months or so, they each make a small quilted art piece -- 12x12 inches -- on a designated theme or Colorplay palette chosen by one of the group  They use their blog to share process and progress. The results are showcased on the Quilt Gallery and Artist Gallery pages of their website

What is great is that the participants are from different places throughout the world.  From what I can make out they met via their individual blogs but what I cannot tell is if they have actually met in person (possibly because I have not got to that part of the book yet).

They have just published a book, a really well presented and well thought out publication which provides a detailed look at the creative inspirations, processes, techniques, and workspace of each of the group.  There are beautiful photographs of all 144 quilts in the Theme series and sidebars offering quilting tips such as "Adapting Commercial Fabrics", "Quilt Finishing Techniques", and one on "Demystifying the Thermofax" (so I now have a hankering for my own Thermofax machine – it seems that they may still be lurking in old school cupboards!).

For any one inspired by the group there is information on how to start your own challenge group and why it's important to blog; and information on what it's like to be part of a virtual craft community.
The Twelve by Twelve quilts are currently on tour in the UK, which is how Ellen discovered them, and will be at the 'Festival of Quilts' from the 11th to the 14th of August.

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