To Frame or not To Frame

27 May 2011

That is an interesting question.   I don’t know if this is just my perception, but it seems to me that in textile art, traditional framing is not often used.  Textile pieces are often ‘self framing’ (the edging of a quilt usually being both integral to the design and also ‘finishing it’.) 

On the other hand my good friend Rob tells me that “a good picture deserves a good frame and a bad one needs a good frame”.  This is possibly not his quote – it may in turn have come from a tutor at Camberwell School of Art.

Anyway, Linda Miller (who does lovely whimsical embroideries) almost always uses simple wooden frames for her pieces.  And it really sets them off.  So lately I too have been putting framing finished pieces.

A couple of blogs ago I presented my latest pieces.  Well here they are framed - though I apologise for the quality of the photos - not my best.  See what you think (though I must admit, even without the issue of the photo quality, that in my view they are better in the ‘flesh’ than on screen – but don’t you think that is true of a lot of art – up close and personal it sings out to you?)

You can see better photos of the unframed pieces if you go to 11th and 7th April.

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