Festival of Quilts 2011

15 September 2011

There are lots of blogs out there with better reports of the FoQ (check out Steph Redfern and Linda Kemshall for instance) and my report would have been more comprehensive had I not had a camera malfunction.  But anyway I thought I would share some inspirational images (and my apologies to the artists - with a few exceptions I did not note down who you were - it was just too crowded to be so organised).

This one was an award winner by Hilary Beatie - check out her website (see links at the side of the page) 

I loved the novel embellishment on this little quilt - all sourced from the hardware rather than the haberdashery store.

The photo does not do this justice - but it was a modern take on old samplers.

Another one by Hilary Beatie - one to watch!

I love this!  A knitted quilt!

It was the colours of this quilt that caught my eye.

Three more from Hilary - another award winner.  That woman has so much energy!

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  1. Wonderful textile artworks. I think most of your photos are excellent, too!


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