Thursday morning relections

22 September 2011

I have been looking back at some earlier posts and found that I had recorded in June that I was determined to try to do something creative every day.  Lately I have been failing dismally.  I have been playing host to a number of (very nice) house guests.  But they are work related so the evenings have tended to involve discussion about the day job, walking the dog and drinking wine.  All nice activities but not necessarily creative ones.

I sometimes wonder why I keep this blog, and at moments like this, when I sit down and wonder where the week has gone already, it all falls into focus.  This blog reminds me that of my creative side and provides an incentive and discipline.

And, it also makes me focus on the positives and what I have done.

More sketchbooking:

 Beginning work on In a Spanish Garden 2:

And working on the business plan for Son No 1. (not very photographic!)

I'll come back to In a Spanish Garden 2.  Mixed media (I hate that phrase actually) and a challenge to manage with the sewing machine.


  1. Chloe, thank you for your comment on my blog - I've posted a longer answer there.
    Your pieces are lovely!

  2. Sue, I should have said thank you for your comment. So remiss of me! It is great to know that people do stop by. It also helps make me feel part of a wider community. Hilary


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