Lutrador and Evolon

15 October 2011

If you come back to this blog from time to time you may recall that a couple of weeks ago I posted a report headed 'Not Just for Kids'.  In that post I explained how a cheap children's rolling pin had inspired a bit of playing about with Lutrador and Evolon.

Well I had put those pieces aside, but last night, while in Bletchley Park mode, and riffling through my completely disorganised pile of random bits of paper and fabric, they sprung up at me.  The grid pattern I had created seemed to imply some sort of order that would have been needed in the seemingly chaotic and random world that the Bletchley Park de-cryptors would have needed.

Referring to some patterns from the research so far (and I am having to keep that contained as time is so tight) I thread doodled some of the 'switches', similar to the ones I had on that collograph plate (which I have printed with and I must remember to share).

This one is on lutrador (but I apologise, I do not recall the exact weight).

This one, using bigger switches, is on Evolon.

And then I burnt it - as you do!  With a heat gun.  I prefer the effect above (on the Lutrador) to the Evolon below, but Evolon is more resistant to heat.

Ok, so I am not quite sure how I will use these in the final piece, if at all, but that is the point of the sketchbook - to work through some ideas to see what I like, what I don't like and what works.

If you are interested in using Evolon or Lutrador a UK supplier is Spunart.  Bren Boardman is a great fan of these materials.  You can link to her website via the links on the right to see how the professionals use this stuff.

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  1. Thanks for that Kit. I don't think I will use either in the final piece, but then again - you never know.....


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