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22 October 2011

It's been a bit of a week again in my other life.  I have clocked up the miles on my poor little Mazda (which I don't really think was designed for long journeys).

Now, it is a glorious sunny morning again (we have been very spoilt this October) and the dog is walked and I am about to grapple with a 'to do' list as long as your arm.

But before I do, a quick catch up on the blog.  I have not been idle on the Bletchley Park front and am still playing with background ideas.  Here are a couple (acrylic printing using those cardboard print blocks over a background of splattered Procion dye powders, which are then sprayed with water.  I am sticking to my limited palette of green - using Avocado, Emerald Green and Olive green.)

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I have got a few other experiements which I will load later, but this weekend I really need to make a start on the background of the actual piece if I am to hit my deadline.

Meanwhile, has anyone out there got any experience with TLS -Translucent Liquid Sculpey?  I have never used the stuff but there is an interesting technique in The Cloth Paper Scissors book which my daughter wants to explore.  Any useful hints or tips would be very welcome.

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